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About Us

C-GO Career Coaching Inc. was founded in 2017 in Newfoundland, Canada. Our vision is to become a professional, dependable and inspiring career coaching company; empowering international students to achieve self-actualization in Canada.

Our mission is to enhance international students' career skills by sharing the experiences from professionals; to fulfill their potentials through employment or entrepreneurship; to contribute to local economies in Canada.


We provide utmost dedication to our clients with services such as personalized career consultations, career skills development and networking with industry professionals. In addition, we also provide qualified counselling and assist students in adapting to life in Canada.      

Our career coaches are equipped with relevant experience and knowledge to guide our clients in the right direction. Each and every of our clients is important to us and nothing motivates us more than seeing our clients landing at their desired destination eventually. We help our clients set the right goals and take proper steps to ensure our clients become successful individuals in society.


We aim to raise awareness on the importance of having a career plan during the early stages of post-secondary education. In order to succeed in the job market, we encourage freshmen to select courses to match skills highly needed in the job market. As their education progresses, it is important for students to develop soft skills. We also provide training on communication, leadership, time management, job hunting, and networking skills. We prepare our clients for career fairs and interviews. We also cooperate with WINGO Group to provide immigration consulting.


By becoming one of our clients, you get to enjoy all the career coaching services we provide with utmost dedication.  We can help you kick start your career and assist you in landing your dream job.